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We were refreshed and on the later buss to the festival site where we got a bit of GODA GRANNAR (Good Neighbors). This band of 7/8 guys are there every year and in the past were a little more folky what with the accordion, double bass and brushed drumming. But this time they seemed to have some new younger members which meant their renditions of Hallowed Be Thy Name, God Gave Rock & Roll To You and other rock classics were a little more electric than previously.

This was a special tour for FATES WARNING as the band have reunited the early 90s ‘Parallels’ line up. They are progressive metal but not quite as heavy as many other bands of the same genre. I thought they played well and I enjoyed the chance to see them.

It then got quite windy. Enough to partially blow down some of the sound desk tower where my next band were to play. The rebuilding of this meant an hours gap but the good thing was that I managed to fill it with female fronted symphonic metal band EPICA who I had been wanting to see but wouldn’t have if things were on time.

Ex-Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske hasn’t performed with a band on a stage in about 17 years. But he says he’s over all the hate now and thanks to having a great new band is ready to get out there again. The odd thing was that the album by UNISONIC isn’t actually out yet. But the really great thing was that the bass player of the band (Dennis Ward from Pink Cream 69) was also in a previous studio collaboration called Place Vendome which recorded 2 albums so most of the material was from those. As an extra bonus 2 Helloween songs were played Kids Of The Century and A Little Time. I thought it was absolutely brill.

As things were a going a bit late some of the acts shortened their sets a little and also came on as soon as they could after the other band had finished on the opposite stage.

I saw WINGER quite recently and they are on form and the new songs are some of the best yet. So I stuck around for a while before checking out a bit of Newcastle NWOBHM band RAVEN.

My next destination and where I would stay for 90 minutes was the Sweden Stage for SAGA. A long running Canadian melodic prog band now on their 20th album but the first with a new singer who I think did a really good job. One to sit down and enjoy, which I did,

More Canadians next with BACHMAN & TURNER. Back after almost 2 decades the guys are back together. Good old fashioned 70s rock that most people know at least one song from, that song being You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. Other songs went well with this classic such as one of my faves Takin' Care of Business and the Randy Bachman penned song from his previous band The Guess Who American Woman.
Great stuff. One for the tick list.

W.A.S.P. were brilliant last December in Wales and Blackie Lawless and his current band are still going strong. It was another special gig for Sweden as they were almost exclusively playing songs from the first 2 albums W.A.S.P. and The Last Command. Great stuff but the weather had once again got to Kel so she went back to the hotel and I hung around for another hour to catch the end of WASP, eat an elk kebab and say bye to the field.

I got the midnight buss back. If I had stayed I could have seen Stratovarius play the Dio Stage. But I saw them a few months back so that’s ok.

Guns N Roses were due on at 23:30 and I think it was sometime before 1am when they actually stated. But I was zzzz by then :)

So I’ll be back next year and Kel said she would go too. Surely it can’t rain 3 years in a row. Right? Right?
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