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Just The Tonic Summer Special

Saturday was Doug’s birthday. But we’re all getting old now (some more than others :p) so instead of any shindig there was 9 people sat in seats (girls in front guys in the rear) for 3 hours of comedy from 5 funny guys.

Rufus Hound was the compare and was supposed to open but he was running late so it was up to young Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges to warm us up. He was laid back and while some of his material (remember when we used to call them jokes) was the same I had seen him do on telly he was still enjoyable.

Rufus Hound then turned up to warm us up some more. Like many compares a lot of his humour came from interaction with the audience. It seems that every time someone on the front row of a Nottingham comedy gig is asked what they do they’re always in I.T.. Rufus started with this through the night his banter turned more and more blue until he made at least a few hundred people squirm in their seats :)

Peter Kay’s mate Dave Spikey finished the first half. One part of his routine was him basically pointing out silliness in song lyrics. Not the most original of things but he was still funny.

Just before the break Rufus announced a special guest onto the stage. It was only the old man who for the past 40 years has been selling fish from pub to pub in town. Yes The Fishman of Nottingham himself Captain Fishy (as I like to call him.

After the break (no ice cream, me good boy) it was time for a guy who took the role of Ivan Brackenbury, a hospital radio DJ. Cue gags which were mainly him playing snippets of songs for differently diseased people eg cataracts - I Can See Clearly Now , piles – Sit Down, gender-reassignment – Inside Out, someone with a Spiderman toy stuck up his arse - Search for the Hero Inside Yourself, and something rather rude involving ‘Country Tracks’ that produced a tear of laughter in my eye.
Much better than I thought he would be and with the vast amount of diseases and songs available perhaps not just a one trick pony.

American Rich Hall was headlining and sometimes he was on the ball, sometimes wandered a little away from it and often caused a little bit of uneasiness like when talking about recent shooting events in the UK.
He’s still cool though and combined with everyone else made for a very enjoyable night of under 3 hours of comedy. Nice one Just The Tonic.
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