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The wedding

At the beginning of the month there was a wedding. Calm down, calm down, it wasn’t mine. It was Kel’s cousin and involved us travelling up to Liverpool. This took us over 2.5 hours there and just over 2 on the way back.
The rest of her immediate family were already there before us and as they finished their meals at the hotel we started ours. I had posh battered fish, chunky chips and mushy peas which went down very well indeed.
A quick change of clothes and we were ready for a walk down by the dock along the Mersey. It was a nice night and the walk and a beer went down well, although the younger members of the group didn’t see the point in walking (not without having headphones in).

The wedding day began with the hotel breakfast. A generous buffet of English delights. But I’ve got to watch myself thee days so went for a reduced amount of the good stuff.
They said it was a Liverpool tradition for the men to go for a drink before the wedding. So at 11:00 we nipped over the road to the local where I supped a pint for an hour before heading back to get myself dolled up.
Except that wasn’t as easy as I would have hoped as there seemed to be hair emergencies in every room and a clothing malfunction in ours that had me walking shorted and shoeless to the reception asking for a safety pin.
Luckily everything went well enough and everyone looked lovely as we waiting in the church over the road from the hotel for the bride, who was late.
It was a proper religious type deal with a bride in white and the groom in military uniform (it’s smart and you already own it, bargain). When the groom knelt down at the back of the church we could see the soles of his shoes which read out HE LP. Cue some illegal photos which if that god bloke was watching might want confiscated :p
After waiting for the bride we then had to wait again for both of them while they were having photos done around Liverpool. It was a nice day after all. Meanwhile I drank a few of the free buck fizz and got a bit of a tummy ache probably from mixing booze with fatty breakfast meats.
Eventually we sat down at our random people table where I had more free wine and then tucked into the started of cheese wrapped in salmon thing. Surely the chicken would be next, but no. Instead it was somehow time for the speeches. Maybe the main wedding party had been eating crisps in secret.
The speeches came from the bride’s Canadian brother, the groom and the best man who was also the groom’s brother. They were perhaps not the best delivered speeches but they did contain humour and heart.
At last the chicken arrived. Not a lot of food but it was very nice. Then pudding time. I had ordered chocolate trifle which turned out to be a top layer of chocolatness, then 3 bits of fruit in jelly. I ate the choc and jelly and left the fruit, fruit doesn’t really belong in puddings that aren’t pies. Imagine my surprise and others when the child at the table had his pudding delivered. It was only a bloomin’ yummy chocolate cake :o Oh well.

Immediately after we got the all clear we went up to our room to have a little nap. I think others might have also done the same.

After our snooze it was back downstairs for the start of some music from a DJ who played a good mix of old and new, and of course some Beatles tunes wrapped up in a megamix. As I’m sometimes inclined to do I got up and had a bit of a boogie to some cheesy tunes like ABBA and, err ABBA. But I didn’t want to scare people with my excellentness so didn’t stay on for too long, not while I had bubbles to blow :)

During this time there was another buffet of cold cobs and warmish food including some kebab meaty sticks. Yum yum. I wish I could have had more as once again they were quite nice.
Even more later there were some bacon butties. I didn’t have to but I had to have one :)

It was well past midnight by the time we thought about going to bed. At breakfast the next morning we were informed that some of the hardcore people and military types stayed in the bar till about 4am.
We got ourselves ready to leave by midday. Paid for the hotel with Tesco vouchers. These vouchers were worth 4 times the amount at the hotel and were basically free anyway so that was ace. Booze aside, which I didn’t have much of anyway, it was a brill freeish weekend in a city that’s actually quite a nice place to visit.
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