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Today’s the day. After being together in an official meeting in the flesh 14 months my lovely Kel is finally moving in. if she was from Nottingham it would have been a whole lot sooner. But as she lived 50 miles away there was the job thing to change first. At the end of what can’t be a nice thing to do she was offered a choice of 2 jobs and took the one with a higher salary but unfortunately less holidays (only 28 days inc b/h).

So she finishes work later today and then she’ll be at mine permanently. Although she does have a Blondie gig to attend back at her original land one night and a few other trips down there for sorting her stuff out and a night Nan-sitting.

This move also coincides with a lot of my fave TV shows either coming to an end of their complete run or the season (such as Lost, Ashes To Ashes, Heroes, Supernatural, V, Human Target, Dr Who, House, Bones, Fringe, Flash Forward, 24, Stargate Universe, Numb3rs). This will hopefully give me more time to do other things (or for her to watch EastEnders while I make the tea or read or something).

Yesterday also saw the removal of the sofa that used to belong to my folks and I’ve had for the 6 years of homeowning. In its place will be the sofa that used to belong to my folks until they redecorated and replaced it. Hopefully this will be in place tomorrow.

I’ve also been buying extra cupboards shelving units and rearranging CDs, books, DVDs and whatever else could make space. More importantly there’s space in my heart.

It will of course be an interesting ride, but I’ve had a sample and I think we’ll be just fine... Yes dear, right away dear :)
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