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Since I last wrote something incomprehensible and non gig related I’ve also been doing many many exciting things.
Ok, I confess nothing very exciting but I have had some lovely evenings just hanging out with Kel and going to the gym or for walks or just chilling with the tv.
We also got things ready for the arrival of the pitter patter of big feet in the shape of 2 rabbits.
When we first saw them they were 4 weeks old and small and confused enough for us to give them a little cuddle. 4 weeks after that we went to collect the 2 brothers who were now a bit bigger, in fact they are the size now of some adult sized rabbits of other breeds. I think in a year or more we might be living with some right big furry beasts.
Ronnie’s colour is described as blue-butterfly. He’s a bit bigger than his brother and prefers his own company, although he’s slowly coming round. Fawn coloured Dio however is a cheeky little fella. Always the first to have a look around and try out the new things. We’re hoping he can teach his bro a thing or two about playfulness and cuteness but if not then we shall love them both for their individuality.
I have plenty of days off next month which when not still sorting out where to put things in the house (or sell things)(or fix things) I might have a go at some more intense training. Unless something else that I might not be able to control takes up my time..
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