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Other news

In other news I have been to a meal out, wedding, funeral, christening and K’s ex-workplace party where we playing a bit of rounders and won a bottle of wine and a chocolate orange. Oh and also had the best hog roast piggy cob ever :)

Meal out – With my folks and my bro and his girlfriend. A nice meal in a quaint restaurant with high quality but not too overly pricey food.

Wedding – K’s friend. Easy going in a barn type room. Buffet food and a band playing classic tunes through to midnight. We stayed over in the hotel attached and had breakfast with the family in the morning.

Funeral – K’s non blood related Auntie’s mother. At a crematorium. Lovely speeches from her 5 children. Wake at a golf club afterwards where a sandwich buffet was put on and pictures of her life projected onto a screen.

Work doo – In a small village hall with food provided by a guy who works in a hotel but also does mobile roasts. Best porky cob with stuffing ever, and the bbq gravy coated spuds were nice too. Bad food day but I did do a bit of nearly running with one hand holding trousers up so they didn’t fall down during rounders.

Christening – K’s cousin’s boy aged nearly 2. At a church along with 3 other babies also getting their heads wet. Buffet meal afterwards and a disco which was mainly for the children present. This was 2 days after my operation but I felt comfortable enough, not to boogie but good enough to enjoy the day.

K & I have also paid a visit to Nottingham beach. There might not be any coast for about 70 miles but that doesn't stop them shoving sand into the town centre square and providing us with overpriced burgers and drinks and somehow providing the sun too :o It's a nice place just to chill out and people watch.
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