Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?

Glenn Hughes

It’s been a while since I last saw Glenn perform live. The first time was in ’96 at The Rig, it was brilliant. Next time 2002 at the Concert Hall with 3 other legends of rock. He only did a short set of classics then but it was brill.
This time he’s got a European band with him to play songs from across his 40 year career.

The Rescue Rooms doesn’t seem like the right venue for someone of his rock legend, but this is England not America and after years of not being here some might not be knowledgeable of his current activity.
The band were good and mostly played his solo stuff with a couple of old Trapeze songs and some Deep Purple, which was nice although Sail Away wasn’t as exciting as the album version due to missing Coverdale’s vocals.

I was expecting something brilliant and got a really nice instead of a wow, but I’m glad I went for 1 hour 50 minutes of the voice of rock.

Not quite right but close set list:
Muscle and Blood
Touch My Life
Sail Away
You Kill Me
Keepin Time
Can't Stop The Flood
Steppin On
Don't let me Bleed
Soul Mover
Tags: gig
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