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A month of more rabbit worries but plenty of good times here and there also.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Blind Guardian – At The Edge Of Time 2010
H.E.A.T. - Freedom Rock 2010
Madison Voilet – No Fool For Trying 2009
Mastermind – Insomnia 2010
Meat Loaf – Hang Cool Teddy Bear 2010
Brett Michaels – Custom Built 2010
Neal Morse - So Many Roads (live) 2009
Osibisa - Osee Yee 2009
Ozzy – Scream 2010
Yoso – Elements 2010

Because it’s a live album Neal Morse doesn’t get the gong. Alos close were Blind Guardian and Ozzy.
I choose joint winners in young melodic rock from Sweden’s H.E.A.T. - Freedom Rock and old melodic rock from Billy Sherwood and Toto’s Bobby Kimball Yoso – Elements.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Beggars & Thieves – Beggars & Thieves 1990
Madness – Keep Moving 1984
Nelson - After The Rain 1990
Nelson - Because They Can 1995

Suprisingly nice 90s melodic rock from Beggars & Thieves – Beggars & Thieves. Lokoing forward to seeing them and others in 5 weeks.

Best best of CD purchased
This is a sign that I am nearing the end of my super CD buying years.

Gig of the Month
Glenn Hughes - The voice of rock. Such a shame that a legend like this plays a small venue. Mind you proper full on rock and roll atmosphere it was :)

Cinema film of the Month
Tamara Drewe was a nice English film but the Sandler/James/Rock/Spade/ Schneider combo in Grown Ups tickled me more.

Film on TV
The Pink Panther 2
Star Runners
The Invisible
The Invention Of Lying
The Kovak Box
Public Enemies
Bikini Girls On Ice

The Pink Panther 2 was slapstick funny
The Invention Of Lying was funny
Outpost turned out to be fairly good horror
The Kovak Box was interesting thriller with a sci-fi twist.

Best DVD bought
I haven’t got room for many more, even though there are plenty of great films I could buy. Or I could wait till their on telly and record them to disc :)

DVD watched
Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang
Shrek Forever After
Where The Truth Lies
Paranormal Activity
The Fourth Kind
The Karate Kid

The very spooky Paranormal Activity

DVD Rewatched
Very gory underground monsterness The Descent: Part 2

Book read
Will I find time now that my life is changing?

Top purchase
I’m not sure which is better – The Sony Walkman NWZ-E455 16GB MP3 Player (Black) which I could get hundreds of albums on and play through Kel’s Sony docking speakers thing or the Y cable thing to connect my music player or my laptop to the stereo, especially now I have spotify.

October has 20 days at work, which will pretty much be the norm from now, It nicely has 3 gigs plus a 3 day music fest :)
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