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Teenage Weekend

On Saturday we cleaned the house, but not a lot because our guests were 2 15-year old boys and I don’t think they would be too fussed if some things were left out on the kitchen top.
It was K’s brother and his mate staying the night after some shopping, food and a bit of rock and roll.
We collected them from the train station and while I took their bags to the car K showed them round a few shops including one where they got fake lips rings.
Then it was a cheap but very nice Chinese buffet which ended with me trying to balance jelly and smooth whippy ice cream on a plate.
Later on we left the kids with the telly and Facejacker DVD while we had a nap because we’re old and full of food, and I had to drive to Sheffield for a gig later that night.

The day after the gig I woke early and spoke to the rabbits for a bit until the others got up. We let them lark about on the laptop (the boys not the rabbits) while we watched X-Factor. Then I went on a horrible, wet, too many people getting in my way trip to Morrison’s to get some nice chicken and other requests before chomping down on a rather nice Sunday dinner.
We threw the lads back on a 3pm train and ditched any idea of going to the gym for an evening of chilling with the telly and seeing if the rabbits would be friends (not just yet, no fighting but lots of chasing).

Then I officially started my new job.
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