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Wig Wam

Saturday 2nd
(this review has been brought to you by writing quickly during dinner break at work)
A quick drive up to Sheffield and then a drive round looking for a free or cheap parking space before giving up and parking in a nearby car park.
We had missed the support bands but that was ok as we knew Wig Wam would deliver enough entertainment for the ticket price.
The Norwegians went through 90 minutes of fine melodic rock and singer Glam went through a few costume changes but nothing as elaborate as I’ve seen in previous shows. He’s a great frontman with his cheeky ways and of course fine rock voice and softer side for the couple of ballads.
The rest of their bands did their bit Sporty giving a good beat on the drums, Flash laying down fine bass lines and looking cool in his leather and hat to hide his bald spot, and Teeny effortlessly playing great guitar riffs and solos and occasionally sticking his tongue out.
The sound was great 2 rows from the front and the 2 lads we took with us had a great time getting their rock and roll prescription prescribed by Dr Baggy.
A naughty McDonalds ended the night for them as I drove 3 sleeping people home where I had a cider and watched a bit of telly.

Set list:
Non Stop Rock And Roll
Dare Devil Heat
Do You Wanna Taste It
Bless The Night
Walls Come Down
I Turn To You
Flash Bass Solo
Gonna Get You Someday
Rock My Ride
Rocket Through My Heart
Teeny Guitar Solo
Still I'm Burning (Teeny Lead Vocals
All You Wanted
Hard To Be A Rock N Roller
Out Of Time
C'mon Everybody
In My Dreams
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