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I did issue a warning that because it was Saturday the band at Rock City might come on a bit early. But it was partly ignored and I didn’t remember about missing the Goose Fair traffic and it turned out the band came on super early in order to play a 2 hour 15 minute set. So we missed a bit, quite a big bit. But we still got about 85 minutes of Y&T.
They were in Sweden this year but I missed them so I could watch Mothers Finest play. I had seen them years before in Sweden but it was a very hot day and I think I spent most of the set laid down with a hanky over my face.
Their bass player is currently undergoing treatment for metastatic cancer so he was replaced by a younger fella, but even though they’ve been going for over 30 years the rest of the guys are looking well, and playing a 2+ hour set is great by any band standards.
They played songs off the new album and of course all their classics including Dirty Girl, Forever, Mean Streak, Barroom Boogie and many more including the brilliant Rescue Me. A very good show which I hope they will repeat in a year. Next time we will get there early (and I hope they do the long set again.
After the gig we went down into The Rig for a bit of old school tunes & new melodic faves. There was a little bit of dancing (or something resembling it) and a happy Kel which makes for a happy Boo :)
On the way back to the car we bumped into 3 of the band members possibly on their way to the hotel next door. One of them had a video camera on us as Kel said come back to Nottingham. I didn’t know what to say and so my brain remembered that I had seen them in Sweden so I said “and come back to Sweden too”. Moments later I was wondering if they thought I was from Sweden and if they would be deleting us from their video archives or putting us on youtube :)
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