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Formed by Billy Sherwood who was involved with Yes in the 90s and Bobby Kimball who was the singer of Toto from 1977-1984 & 1998-2008. They are joined by original Yes keyboard player Tony Kaye who was also with Yes during their successful 80s era.

I liked their album so thought the 60 mile journey to Leamington Spa would be worth it, even more so as we know a couple who live there so so get a bit of sightseeing and food there before the gig.

Leamington Spa is a nice place, quiet and well designed. The venue also had these qualities. The main hall had a ballroom style about it which I think might have been designed by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, the high stage was a good feature (for shortish people like me). It was quiet initially because of the handful of people there, but at least we could hear the best of Journey album they were playing. Unfortunately only about 50/60 people turned up for the gig but to the bands credit they still did a great show which lasted for 2 hours 25 minutes.
A handful of songs came from the new album with the rest from the band members ex-bands.

Hold On ‘83
Yes Medley ‘68-71 – Started off with only Tony Kaye on keyboard before getting the band involved with instrumental versions of songs from the first 3 albums.
Cinema ‘83
Open Your Eyes ‘98
Changes ‘83
Owner of a Lonely Heart ’83 – I especially enjoyed hearing the songs from the 1983 album 90125 as they never get played by the current Yes. Even OofLH had a bit more feeling in it from this band than when I’ve seen yes do it.
Roundabout ‘71

Girl Goodbye
Hold The Line – Possibly the highlights as I’ve never seen Toto.

New Revolution
Where You'll Stay
Walk Away
Path To Your Heart
To Seek The Truth

Acoustic Guitar Solo - Nice
Burn Down The Mission – An Elton John cover with Bobby Kimball on vocals and keyboard.
Drum/Bass Solo – Toilet time for most, but I thought it was actually not too bad.
Louisiana Blues - A Muddy Waters cover to end the evening.

The band were going to come out afterwards for photos and signings, but I didn’t have my camera or any of the albums, and we had to get home to sleep. But I hope they keep their promise to return to these shores as I would drive again to see them (ok I didn’t drive Kel did, but I would do).

Girl Goodbye
Hold On
New Revolution
Yes Medley (Tony Kaye keyboard solo)
Where You'll Stay
Open Your Eyes
Acoustic Guitar Solo
Walk Away
Burn Down The Mission (Bobby Kimball solo) (Elton John cover)
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Drum/Bass Solo
Path To Your Heart
To Seek The Truth
Hold The Line
Louisiana Blues (Muddy Waters cover)
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