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Baggus Annus TEN

I missed my LJ birthday again. Then by the time I realised I was already in the flow of activities that prevented me from getting computer time.
It’s number 10 too, a decade of bad grammar and randomness from my life. Of course you only get the choice cuts, but I think the info on here could possible be enough to make a movie, a really boring movie of lists scrolling across the screen while live music plays in the background and the occasional woman pops up on screen to say hello say goodbye, apart from the final one that is :)

You want lists? You got ‘em :)

Year 1 - 538 entries, 2,724 comments posted, 1,949 comments received.
Year 2 - 939 entries, 5,139 comments posted, 4,268 comments received.
Year 3 - 1310 entries, 6,642 comments posted, 5,658 comments received.
Year 4 – 1,683 entries, 8,435 comments posted, 6,899 comments received.
Year 5 – 2,027 entries, 9,435 comments posted, 7,860 comments received.
Year 6 – 2,480 entries, 10,310 comments posted, 9,805 comments received.
Year 7 – 2,668 entries, 10,767 comments posted, 9,288 comments received.
Year 8 - 2,875 entries, 11,129 comments posted, 9,725 comments received.
Year 9 – 3,052 entries, 11,384 comments posted, 10,106 comments received.
NOW – year 10 - 3,158 entries, 11,459 comments posted, 10,211 comments received

Journal entries: 3,158 which is up 71 down from last year. Not tooo bad considering my lifestyle.
Posted: 75 which much less than last year of course.
Received: 105. Do you ever believe these numbers though.

So I’m slipping, but I still clinging on so I can be in Brad Fitz: The movie :)

But as the years pass I’m also slowly going forward to become the brain tin the jar that will constantly update. Maybe I should just use Twitter more so I can do lazy daily updates should anything exciting happen.

Baggy LJ - Created on 2000-10-05 16:37:05 (#18206).
62 Tags , 818 Memories , 800+ ScrapBook Files , 5 Virtual Gifts , 51 Userpics.
Friends and knowledge gained – Priceless :)

Unt now de repeatery bit:
Live Journal is a base for my record of events, companion for my thoughts, guide to other minds, new entertainment channel, and a source of communication. It's also a place to make (hello) and hopefully keep (yo) extra friends.

Thank you to all who have stuck with me. Thanks for taking the time to read my words (even the ones that make sense :p) and understanding a little of who I am (or still trying to figure me out :p).

Here's to another year (and more) and to lasting friendships with people I've met and some I haven't (yet).

As is customary at this time of year may I give {*HUGS*} to each and every one of you and say "You bubnch uf arhses I wuv you arll. HIC!"
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