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Last weekend

Friday (a week ago) - Wigan
I did half a day at work (which is now 4 hours) then went home for a nap before driving 120 miles north-west to Wigan for a surprise 50th birthday party. The journey up wasn’t too nice. It was pissing it down and the motorways were slow. It took almost 3.5 hours to get there, the sat nav not quite getting the right place didn’t help.
So we were a little frustrated when we got to the hotel but calmed down after getting on our party gear and meeting our friends downstairs.
A ten minute taxi ride took us to the working men’s club where we waited for the birthday boy to show up. His birthday is actually next month and he was told he was going to a party for his nephew so when he saw the ugly mob waiting for him he was genuinely surprised.
There was melodic rock being played all night as well as 2 45 minute sets from an aging covers band who kept us entertained with some classic rock.
We stayed until about midnight then got a taxi back to our £42 hotel above a pub. The bar was still open so a bottle of wine was shared between 3 of us. I think this just pushed me over my tipsy edge as I seemed to accidentally say funny things. Later on in the room I told K that she should get tea flavoured lipstick, as sometimes I have to suffer tasting coffee on her kiss.
We left early the next day as we needed to get back and see to the bunnies. There was a McD stop on the way as we made really good time on the motorways back.
When I got home I had a nap, at least I think I had a nap.

Saturday – Beer
We caught the bus into town. I haven’t done that in years, but I never usually go drinking in town, not both of us drinking at the same time anyway.
We had tickets for the Nottingham Beer Festival held at the castle (which isn’t actually a castle but some big building where there might have been some kind of defence structure centuries ago.
It was £10 a ticket for which you got entry to the grounds, a half pint handled glass, and 2 beer tokens worth £1.35 each. When inside you can buy extra beer tokens and exchange them for a half of one of the hundreds of ales and ciders on offer.
We had a good turnout for this and all the booze and food and people watching and good chat made for an enjoyable 4 hours or so. The weather and being tipsy helped of course.
The downside is all those calories, but hey it was the weekend and that pizza we ate at the bus stop was absolutely lovely.

Beers drank:
John Paul Jones (Because he’s the bassist for Led Zeppelin)
Blue Anchor
Icarus (Because I like the mythical tales)
Pegasus (Continuing the mythical winged theme)
Rock Ale (Rock! \M/)

Sunday – lunch
First thing to do was try to undo our sins by going to the gym. I had been really good the few weeks before and I think this party weekend wasn’t the best for the plan, but hey I’ll get back.
The previous days events coincided with a 1 year wedding anniversary which I was best man at. So a small group of 6 of us went out for a Sunday dinner. Lovely roast beef dinner with a big fluffy Yorkshire pud.
On the way home we popped into my old school. There was a craft fair on, but I was more interested in walking around where I honed my brilliant English skills aged 10ish to12ish. The classrooms look tiny now but a lot of things brought vague memories back. We did end up buying some gothic art painted tiles by Anne Stokes for the fireplace and some cute knitted bunnies which are now tied like a sacrifice to the rabbit cage (which is now nothing more than a toilet and water hut).
We didn’t have long to rest as we tidied up in preparation for a visit from some friends who when they left inspired us to have half a Chinese. Oops! Oh well, this week we’ve been back to the gym again and I’ve been on an ITIL course at work that prevents my computer time.

This weekend we have a gig and another Sunday dinner out, but on Saturday I’m home alone as she visits friends and I try and catch up on about 14 hours of missed telly :o
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