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Jimmy Carr

It was the 3rd time I’ve seen comedian Jimmy live so I now know what to expect. A long set filled with plenty of gags that are in bad taste but are also very funny.
In a way he could be considered a bit old school as he likes word play and nothing is free from being mocked be it sex, religion, disabilities or shocking crimes. Once again he tried to judge what would collectively offend an audience but luckily for him it was full of sick humoured people.

This tour he’s also doing a couple of new things. The first had him trying to find a suitable person in the audience to interview on stage. After asking a few people about their lives he hit the jackpot in a lady who works in dermatology and on occasions has to laser customers bum holes to get them smooth and shiny. Due to the uniqueness of this comedy interview it ended up being one of the main highlights.

The other highlight was when he go 2 of the audience on stage in order to find someone he could have a double act with (the act being one joke later on). He just happened to pick a nice looking lady who’s boyfriend was batting way above his league and a guy who was very cocky and confident.

I also enjoyed the free for all heckling section which had Jimmy come back with a vulgar ‘your Mum’ comeback that involved the word comeback.

An enjoyable 2+ hours of fun. Same time next year then :)
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