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A very busy month with me starting my new role properly and thus not having as many days off but having every night off and all weekends.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Masterplan - Time To Be King is a good return with the original singer (Jorn Lande) but being a Glenn Hughes fan I prefer Black Country Communion - Black Country Communion (which also features Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian).

Best CD from ages past purchased
Madness – One Step Beyond 1979 (One Step Beyond, My Girl, Night Boat to Cairo, The Prince, Bed and Breakfast Man, Madness)
Madness – Absolutely 1980 (Baggy Trousers, Embarrassment, Return of the Los Palmas 7)
Madness – 7 1981 (Cardiac Arrest, Shut Up, Grey Day)
Madness – The Rise & Fall 1982 (Tomorrow's (Just Another Day), Our House)
Madness – Mad Not Mad 1985 (Yesterday's Men, Uncle Sam)
Madness - Wonderful 1999 (Lovestruck, Johnny the Horse, Drip Fed Fred)

Madness – One Step Beyond has more songs I like and is a better album as a whole but Madness – 7 1981 does have some of my fave faves on there.

Gig of the Month
Best comedy - Jimmy Carr

Wig Wam
Firefest: Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx, H.E.A.T., Grand Illusion, Beggars and Thieves, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire, Dare, Lynch Mob, Grand Design, Newman, Stage Dolls, Pretty Maids, Jimi Jamison, Nelson

All really great and there’s no way I can pick between
Wig Wam
Jimi Jamison

Cinema film of the Month
Gone are the days of midday cinema visits, and I didn’t get a Wednesday night one in either.

Film on TV
Only time for 1 film. But The Taking Of Pelham 123 was enjoyable.

Top purchase
Family Guy Peter Griffin Bed sheet - & I wasn’t even drunk when I bought it :)

November has 16 days at work, 4 gigs and a holiday :)
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