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It started on Friday 29th at Trent University with Reckless Love playing an hours set from 7:30pm. But although we could hear them we missed the viewing as we were waiting for drinks and having a bit of a natter with other melodic rock fans.

We got a position near the back for Crazy Lixx. A young Swedish band whose name fits them well. They were good put perhaps a little like many other bands out there.

What we were really there to see was H.E.A.T.. Earlier in the year their vocalist left the band so this was our first time seeing them with new guy Erik Grönwall, who was also the winner of Swedish Idol in 2009. It was a little different to before but not so much as to spoil what they had. It’s possible that with his own fanbase he might even increase their popularity. All I know is that they are still a bloody good band.
Beg Beg Beg
Late Night Lady
Nobody Loves You Like I Do
Everybody Wants To Be Someone
Danger Road
Straight For Your Heart
Never Let Go
1,000 Miles
High On Love
Who Will Stop The Rain
There For You
18 And Life (Skid Row)
We’re Gonna Make It In The End
Keep On Dreaming
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