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We sent the rabbits to their boarding and went nto town to check in a hotel round the corner from Rock City. We could have just driven there and back each night but we wanted to make this more of an event for us and not have to worry about certain things.

It was due to start at 1230 but there was a problem with the mixing desk or something similar so everything was running 90 minute late. Because of this all the bands had to chop 10 or more minutes off their set and the changeover times were also decreased.

Grand Illusion were first up. We really like the albums we've heard and these Swedes did well. Just a pity they only got 35 minutes. The vocalist looked a bit like Keith Chegwin but he had a good voice. I hope to see them again someday.
Grand Illusion:
All Out Of Love
157th Breakdown
Gone For Good
I Refuse
Brand New World
Never Find Her Alone
I’m Alive

I liked seeing Beggars and Thieve but they didn't seem as good as on their CD. Seeming as they also had 10 minutes less they could have dropped Knocking On Heaven’s Door, but it was for the recently deceased rock star Steve Lee of Gotthard, so I guess it was ok.
Beggars & Thieves:
No More Broken Dreams
Stone Alone
Kill Me
Shine A Light
Knocking On Heaven’s Door
Beggars And Thieves
We Are The Broken Hearted

We also liked Bangalore Choir who lived up to the quality of the songs on their 1992 album On Target of which they played a lot of stuff from.
Bangalore Choir:
All Or Nothing
Angel In Black
Freight Train
Loaded Gun
Slippin’ Away
Power Trippin’
Just One Night
Doin’ The Dance
Good Die Young
Living Your Dreams Every Day

There was only 15 min between bands and we had to eat so it was Shotgun Symphony that was chosen to miss while we went for a pizza.

I’ve seen Bonfire before and have been around a while. They made this show special by performing their classic 1987 album Fireworks in its entirety.
Ready For Reaction
Never Mind
Don’t Get Me Wrong
Sleeping All Alone
Give It A Try
American Nights
Sweet Obsession
I’m On My Way (Gotthard cover)

Dare are always good live and this time I enjoyed them just as much. Great epic sounding tunes with a Celtic edge.
Into The Fire
Silent Thunder
Dreams Of Fire
Shelter In The Storm
King Of Spades
I Will Return
Sea Of Roses

I've never seen Lynch Mob and was looking forward to their set, especially as they were back with the singer of the classic first album Wicked Sensation of which they played a good amount from. Good rockin’ stuff.
Lynch Mob:
She’s So Evil
River Of Love
Hell Child
Revolution Hero
Let The Music Be Your Master
21st Century Man
Mr Scary
Into The Fire
Wicked Sensation
Tooth And Nail
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