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Grand Design were good.
Grand Design:
No Time For Love
Air It Out
Piece Of The Action
Sad Sound Of Goodbye
Everybody Changes
Love Sensation

I’ve seen Newman before and he and his band did a great show. It was one being filmed and one I might possibly buy on DVD for a good memory reminder.
Hero To Zero
Every Moment
Primitive Soul
Stay With Me
Tumble Down
If It’s Love
Coming Home Tonight
Heaven Knows
One Step Closer

Norwegian band Stage Dolls have been around for 25 years and in this world of melodic rock still sounded fresh. They can often sound a bit like Bryan Adams. They showed Rock City what a great band they are.
Stage Dolls:
Love Cries
Hard To Say Goodbye
Still In Love
Wings Of Steel
Love Don’t Bother Me

Dinner was missing most of Strangeways while we went to subway.

Pretty Maids were the loudest band on. I thought they might stick to more of their melodic stuff but they seemed to do a mix. They were good but I think we needed a little sit down anyway so we could survive the next 2 ace bands.
Pretty Maids:
Walk Away
Savage Heart
Back To Back
Drops Of Heaven
Please Don’t Leave Me (Lynott)
Love Games
Future World
Red Hot & Heavy

Jimi Jamison was supposed to play another festival day last year but it got cancelled. So we were really chuffed when we found out he was doing this. He did not let up down as he went through songs from Survivor including Eye Of The Tiger (which he didn’t originally sing) and Burning Heart (which he did). One of the best though was his own song I’m Always Here which is also the theme tune to Baywatch. His backing band included the keyboard player and bassist from HEAT. Jimi was most definitely the highlight as many said.
Jimi Jamison:
Caught In The Game
Singer Not The Song
High On You
Is This Love
Didn’t Know It Was Love
I See You In Everyone
Crossroad’s Moment
Rebel Son
Burning Heart
Eye Of The Tiger
I’m Always Here (Baywatch Theme)

For Nelson I met up with an old school mate as we watched the twins Gunnar and Matthew perform their most entertaining songs. The only downside was the drum solo, but even that became entertaining when the drummer got to the front of the stage to do a dance while one of the twins replaced him. A great thing about their band it that they had Mark Slaughter with them on guitar who gave us one of his own songs Up All Night which went down a treat as most have never seen Slaughter live. Hopefully he’ll be back for FFVIII. The weekend ended with Nelson performing Love and Affection.
Let Me Fill You Up
More Than Ever
Ghost Dance
Only Time Will Tell
Girl Like That
After The Rain
Up All Night (Slaughter)
Invisible Man
Everywhere I Go
Love And Affection

A great weekend. One of the best FFs yet. We might even stay in the hotel nest year, even if it’s just for the buffet breakfast that we decided to completely pig out on :)

These entries has been brought to you by quick quick type and watch TV at the same time :)
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