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John Bishop

Friday 12th (yes I know it’s late, I’m a busy man ya know)

Liverpulian comedian John Bishop has done well over the last 4 years. He quit his job to do stand up and is now selling out places like Nottingham Concert Hall and next year will do the same at Nottingham Arena.
He’s likeable on TV and just as so live. Not as much one on one audience interaction as with other comedians but enough to make it funny and a little more unique. Because of this I’m glad I can see him and others like him in a venue like this before he gets trapped on the big stages.
Some of his material I’ve heard him do before but it was still good to chuckle at. The rest had just enough truly funny moments to make it a good night of comedy that was mostly about his life, especially liked his likening of teenagers to stroke victims and his stuff about couples with and without children. Good on him for doing over 2 hours too.
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