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Skunk Anansie

The first time I saw them at Rock City was 1996, the last time was 1999. Then the band had time off until the release of their Best Of album (also featuring 3 new tracks) went well before bringing out their 4th album ‘Wonderlustre’.

The 90+ minute gig started with a sheet at the front of the stage showing the band members silhouettes. The intro music started and guitarist Ace, bassist Cass, drummer Mark and the great shaven headed vocalist Skin (real name is apparently Deborah Dyer) went straight for the throat of the crowd with Yes It's Fucking Political and Charlie Big Potato from the old days before heading into the new material.
About half the songs played were from the new album showing it to be worthy enough to stand side by side with the other 3 which had songs shared out fairly evenly between them.
Of course the classics got the biggest response such as I Can Dream, Weak, Brazen and Twisted (Everyday Hurts) but saying that new song Tear The Place Up is pretty wild and catchy enough to be an instant hit.
As usual Skin was her wild self (when not singling the sweet songs) and even went for a walk into the crowd, along the top of them that is while being held up by the excited bunch of rockers. For the encores she went the usual route of just crowd surfing while continuing to put in a good vocal performance.

I would have liked an extra 30 minutes to hear the rest of their first album ‘Paranoid and Sunburnt’ but what we got was good enough and I can only hope they continue on for another album and tour.

Yes It's Fucking Political
Charlie Big Potato
Because of You
God Loves Only You - New
100 Ways To Be A Good Girl
Talk Too Much - New
Over the Love - New
I Can Dream
The Sweetest Thing - New
My Ugly Boy - New
My Love Will Fall - New
Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
Feeling the Itch - New
On My Hotel T.V.
Tear The Place Up
The Skank Heads
Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
You Saved Me - New
Little Baby Swastikkka
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