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I’ve had 11 days off work. The first and last few have been at home and involved lots of telly and shopping. The rest have been used for going to Liverpool and Centre Parks Sherwood Pines.

On the Friday K travelled up to Liverpool on the train so she could catch the first 2 days of the World Netball Series in Liverpool. I drove up to meet her on Saturday night and met her after the 2nd day of matches for a lovely meal of ribs and chicken covered in pineapple and bacon and cheese. I was only expecting baby ribs so was pleasantly surprise when they seemed to come from some kind of dinosaur :)
On the Sunday I joined her for the final matches. I wasn’t sure what was happening most of the time but it was still enjoyable watching girls in short skirts throw balls around.

The day after driving back we packed our bags again for 5 days at Centre Parcs. 7 of us went and while we were there we :-
Ate far too many meat filled pancakes
Played badminton a couple of times
Stroked a cockroach, bearded dragon, snake, guinea-pig, duckling, chick and a big rabbit.
Ate lots of cheese covered nachos
Ate a good meal out most nights
Spent a lot of time in the subtropical pool, going down a tube in a raft, going down the waterslide and also down the rapids as much as possible.
We also made sure we got back to the 4 bedroom lodge each night to watch 2 episodes of Family Guy :)

We put on a bit of weight but we had a brilliant time. We’re not sure if we will be back next year due to other holiday commitments but I hope we can fit it in.

When we returned home it was bloody freezing. So after keeping the heating on for as long as possible and collecting the rabbits from their boarding we are almost back to normal. Except its nearly Crimbo so nothing will be normal.
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