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Saturday 11th

It’s been 10 years since their last album was released and 12 since I last saw them live.
Rock City wasn’t as full as I thought it would be but there was still enough hippies, rockers, stoners and mods there to have a good atmosphere.
Most of the band looked the same but the bassist seemed to have turned into a hairy bigfoot.
They were never really that much of a hard rock band but they do lay down some nice grooves some of which Led Zep might have been proud of.
They had 4 albums out in the late 90s but the majority of songs came from the first 2 albums, especially the 2nd, and rightly so as they were the superior discs.

Highlights were I Would Have Left You, Come Back Brighter, Consideration, Place Your Hands, Summers In Bloom

Set list:-
I Would Have Left You
Good Feeling
Stone For Your Love
Come Back Brighter
Place Your Hands
Don't You Like It
Summers In Bloom
Set The Record Straight
Lucky Number
Lately Stomping
Choose To Live

I've Got Something To Say
Yer Old
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