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I was feeling quite rough but I had paid quite a bit for the ticket so when I felt right enough I made my way to Rock City.
For some reason (maybe because it was sold out) there was a queue getting in so I missed some of the set from Paul Heaton (formerly of The Beautiful South). It was a bit more rocking and more ska than his previous material.

Shortly after 9pm a video intro was played and Chas Smash started off the with the words every Madness fan knows “Hey you, don't watch that. Watch this!” and the crowd finished off the spoken intro to One Step Beyond.
I had seen them for the first time at Rock City 5 years back and had a great time jumping around in the crowd. But this time I was propped up at the back. 30 minutes in I started to feel a little woozy and nearly though about going home. But a change of position near the entrance for some air made me feel a little better.
I did still leave early but not before witnessing one of the bands I’ve been into for the longest time perform some of my favourite songs like Embarrassment, Shut Up, Driving In My Car, My Girl, The Prince, House Of Fun, Baggy Trousers, Our House and It Must Be Love.

I think I might have only missed a few more songs and of course I would have enjoyed it more if I was well. But it was still a pleasure to see the nutty boys in action once again.
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