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X Aly

X is for:
Xtra - like 9+1=10
Xtraterrestrial - like from another planet. Which at times Americans can seem like due to slight language and lifestyle differences.
Xpedition - like when I went to her wedding in M.A., and also visited her and her husband again at the same time I was emailing a lovely woman I was to meet the month after.
Xpression - like being there when I was pulling emotive faces due to my life leanings.
X – Like ex-Beatle (although I think once a Beatle always a Beatle) like John Lennon who was killed 30 years ago today.
20 years later I wrote a poem about John that brought a good friend into my life. So thanks to Aly for being there all these years and occasionally letting me win at scrabble :)
Thanks also to everyone else who chose a day not connected to The Beatles to join my LJ gang :)

Imagine 20 years have gone
To sail across the universe
And yesterday were yesterday
Not just another verse

I want to say hello,
was all you gave
I wish we could get back to then
And come together for your aid

So I’m still watching the wheels
A day in the life for He
To spread the message (this bird has flown)
Give peace a chance, let it be
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