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Busy Crimbo

It’s been a busy busy time. Sure some of that busy was taken up by me having 3 days off work with a throat virus and then various other winter afflictions. It made me lethargic and not wanting to do much more after I’ve been to work. Going shopping for Crimbo stuff was about the most I could muster. Although I did manage to fit in a couple of family things and a gig, and I even came home early after that instead of partying in town.

But I feel I’m on the mend now. I should really keep the days short and not put myself in ill environments. But it’s Crimbotime so what the hell, I might be able to force myself round houses for fedings :)

My family Crimbo dinner was last night. It was the only time K & I and my brother and his girlfriend could get together. But after turkey and trimmings and Mum’s special chocolate log cake I was stuffed and ready for a good sleep.

The day before was the only day both Kel & I were off so we had a cinema day.
First up was Meet The Parents: Little Fokkers which wasn’t as good as the others but was worth a watch. Best bits were the scenes with Bobby NeDero and Jessica Alba in her pants.
Then we had time for a Frankie & bennies cheap dinner special of Loaded Skins and a nice cheeseburger.
After munching our way through that we munched through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1. The best of the films have probably been and gone but there were still a few good moments in bridge to the end. A couple of sad moments too.

It’s now Crimbo Eve and they’ve said I can leave work 3 hours early. So it’s time to write this, send it home and then get in my car and drive home while listening to We Wish You A Metal Xmas (Updated Edition) :)

So a Merry Crimbo to all. It doesn't really seem like it this year, even with the snow on the ground, probably because of the snow on the ground and the chill in the air and various missing things. But that's ok, I'll spread my Crimbo around the other 10 days I've got off from work :)
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