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Yeah It’s a bit late. I’ve been busy :)
A month of future planning and a nice birthday.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Allen/Lande – The Showdown Crowded House – Intriguer
Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
Maroon 5 – Hands All Over
Rhapsody Of Fire – The Frozen Tears Of Angels
Joe Satriani – Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards
Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures sounds like a mix between Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Led Zep. Brilliant.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Best best of CD purchased
I think I’ve just about bought all old and best of CDs :o

Gig of the Month
Nothing :(

Cinema film of the Month
No time for that

Film on TV
The Hole
Open Range 2
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Machete - Robert Rodriguez has Danny Trejo chopping up baddies. Great cast of Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Tom Savini and Steven Seagal. Fun B movie.

DVD watched
Date Night
The Lovely Bones was actually lovely in a dead girl watching over her family and murderer kind of way. Probably thanks to director Peter Jackson.

Book read
I’ve been playing Angry Birds on my phone.

Top purchase
Angry birds on my phone, but it was free :)

February has 17 days at work, 5 gigs and a new baby in the group :)
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