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Roxy Music

When I got to the arena the support was just starting. They were a four piece Texan Bluegrass Country folk band it was actually quite pleasant to listen too. Maybe the crowd should have all shouted yeee-haaaw at the end!

After playing with my phone (inc Angry Birds) for a while the 12 strong gang of Roxy Music walked onto the stage.

Sometimes there are reports of Brian Ferry’s voice not always being up to scratch, but last night he sounded decent enough, although he does have 3 backing singers to help the tunes along.

Guitarist Phil Manzanera is also still with the band and he performed well, although it’s a pity he hasn’t kept more of his 70’s look (rock stars shouldn’t be able to go bald, some have miraculously gone bald then grown some back :o). Helping Phil out was a young guitarist who got his own chance to shine a few times.

Also shining was Saxophonist Andy Mackay and his lady saxy partner Georgina. All adding to Roxy’s unique sound.

A review I read before the gig said that they didn’t like the fact that during the gig most of the band members were in very low light. This was true but I thought they made up for it with the music and the huge backdrop which showed the accompanying animations and video of the band in a lava lamp style.
Not everything they played got the crowd moving and of course the outstanding tunes were mainly the well known ones - Street Life, Same Old Scene, Avalon, Jealous Guy, Virginia Plain, Love Is The Drug, Do The Strand. But as an experience it was interesting and I’m glad I went (even though it was quite pricey)

Set list:-
The Main Thing
Street Life
If There Is Something
Prairie Rose
In Every Dreamhome A Heartache
Just Like You
Like A Hurricane
Bitter Sweet
Sentimental Fool
To Turn You On
Same Old Scene
My Only Love
Jealous Guy
Virginia Plain
Love Is The Drug
Editions Of You
Do The Strand
For Your Pleasure
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