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Friday night was Birmingham night. We left the rabbits with the boarders and got to our £40 a night hotel/chalet just in time to laze around for an hour or 2 while I drank a big bottle of Iron bru WKD and she some cider.
About 8pm we walked just down the road and round the corner to the O2 Birmingham where I had a pint of cider.
Afterwards we met up with another couple and went to a quiet pub where I had a pint of beer.
On the way back it was a bit nippy and having had 4 pints of booze it was decided that chips and a small pizza was required :)~
We got to bed after midnight and woke up on Saturday to a £5 buffet breakfast. Not a huge amount of choice, but what they did have was nice. I would definitely stay there again should I be wanting a gig and a beer. Although K did say the bed was a bit hard. It was a bit but not enough to cause me any back trouble.

The next day we went visiting people and the day after to a christening where we got to sing 'If You’re Happy And You Know It'.

Oh yeah, and we saw Europe so a 90 minute set which included the classics of Rock The Night, Carrie and Final Countdown. There were also tracks of their most recent (2009) album and others along their 28 year career. They were good but it didn’t seem as exciting as the last time I saw them.

Today has been a 12 hour day at wok and now i'm off to another gig, then will repeat the process on Tuesday :o :)
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