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James Blunt

Due to finishing work at 7pm and having 1 or 2 things to do at home I knew I would miss most of the support band and then have to sit alone for 30 minutes before James started.
So I went a bit later and sat down after a cheery hello from the old lady who takes the tickets. I used to go that much that they’ve got used to me at the concert hall.
A couple of years ago James and his band played the arena. His latest album still sold well but now only number 1 on the Swiss charts so he downscaled the venue.
The show was only downscaled in the size of the stage set up (4 individual raised sections with video screen lighting in front) and that James couldn’t run 200 metres to the centre of the crowd, instead he actually went further and at one point ended up a metre in front of me in the first tier.
The music came fairly evenly from his 3 albums and were a good mix of the gentle pieces that people tend to label him boring over and the more upbeat tunes that if they saw him live might change their mind over him. There were actually some fairly rocky bits throughout mainly thanks to the lead guitarist.
It was an enjoyable 100 of 70’s influenced sombre/upbeat pop rock tunes and I will certainly keep buying his albums and seeing him live.

Set list:
So Far Gone
Carry You Home
These Are The Words
I'll Take Everything
Out Of My Mind
Goodbye My Lover
No Tears
Same Mistake
You’re Beautiful
So Long Jimmy
I'll Be Your Man
Stay The Night
Into The Dark
Turn Me On
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