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Ocean Colour Scene

Just after 8pm the 5 guys who are now Ocean Colour Scene walked onto stage and started off with one of their most well known song ‘The Riverboat Song’, followed by another ‘The Day We Caught The Train’. But there was a reason for this. It’s been 15 years since the release of their 2nd album Moseley Shoals so they were touring the album and playing it in order.
Other great songs in the album playing hour included ‘Lining Your Pockets’, ‘Policemen & Pirates’, ‘You've Got It Bad’.
During the final song ‘Get Away’ I got away for a pee and a coke as I knew a break was coming up and the place was quite full.

After the break they came back for 45 minutes or so of material from their other albums. Best of these for me were ‘Profit In Peace’, ‘Travellers Tune’ and ‘Hundred Mile High City’. The acoustic ‘Robin Hood’ (not the riding through the glen one) and ‘Day Tripper’ ( the Beatles one) were nice touches also.

A good gig of soul-brit-blues-pop rock

Set list:
The Riverboat Song
The Day We Caught The Train
The Circle
Lining Your Pockets
Fleeting Mind
40 Past Midnight
One For The Road
It's My Shadow
Policemen & Pirates
The Downstream
You've Got It Bad
Get Away

Magic Carpet Days
Get Blown Away
Old Pair Of Jeans
Profit In Peace
Better Day
Travellers Tune
Hundred Mile High City

Robin Hood (Acoustic)
Day Tripper (Beatles cover)
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