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5pm on Sunday I arrived in Birmingham and got one of the last few free parking spaces round the corner from the O2 Academy.
I them met up with my Sweden Rock buddies in search of food. 2 hours later I was bloated on pizza, profiteroles and Pepsi max as I joined the 2 mile long queue to get in.

By the time we got in there the support band had been and gone, but that’s ok as they seemed to be a noisy one for the kids and hardcore metal crowd.

At 10 to 9 the 4 metal warriors were on stage. No loincloths but plenty of leather and 2 hours of classic metal.
The band played all of the tracks from their first album ‘Battle Hymns’ which is now approaching it’s 30th year. The rest seemed to span the rest of the albums. If I had it my way I would have had more from Fighting The World and Kings Of Metal, but I did get those title tracks and other faves including Sign of the Hammer, Hail to England, Hail and Kill, Warriors of the World, Black Wind, Fire and Steel and the brilliant Metal Warriors (wimps and posers leave the hall).

Because I’m old and the was sold out I watch from the side under a lower roof which subdued the sound, but if I had pushed into the main crowd I know I would have had a brill experience but I would of also sweated to death and gone deaf.

I had been waiting 20 years to see these guys and finally managed it. Possibly because they remind me of my youth and I’m not a bouncy youth anymore it was a little less than I expected, but saying that they still put on a good show and I’m glad I witnessed the cult legends along with the others in the army of immortals.

Set list:
Death Tone
Metal Daze
Fast Taker
Shell Shock
Dark Avenger
Battle Hymn
Sun of Death
(guitar solo)
Brothers of Metal Pt. 1
Kill With Power
Metal Warriors
Heart of Steel
(bass solo)
Fighting the World
Sons of Odin
Call to Arms
Sign of the Hammer
House of Death
The Power
Hail to England
Kings of Metal
Hail and Kill
Warriors of the World United
Black Wind, Fire and Steel
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