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Wolfsbane / Saxon

Sunday night was classic metal night.
K & I made our way to Rock City and got good position on the stairs to the bar to catch the last 5 minutes of Fury UK and then wait for the brilliant event that was the return of Wolfsbane.
I was so young when I started listening to Wolfsbane that I wasn’t old enough to go to a gig. By the time they split up in the 90s I don’t think I even saw them live, although I have seen vocalist Blaze Baily when he was with Iron Maiden and solo a few times.
Now after a 17 year gap they have a new album and are out on the road with Saxon. Blaze & drummer Steve ‘Danger’ Ellett are now bald and guitarist Jase Edwards is broader and more hairy. A younger bassist completed the band as they did 35 mins of metal tunes, some that took me back to my youth.
If they come back for a headline tour I will be there and judging the crowd hopefully a good load more to make it worthwhile them doing the main hall.

Set list:-
Black Lagoon
Killing Machine
Did It For The money
Kathy Wilson
I Like It Hot
Temple Of Rock

What with me only owning a best of and one studio album out of the 19 Saxon have made over 32 years its no wonder I didn’t know a lot of what they played. But the songs were strong enough to keep me hooked and every so often something I recognised popped up like Demon Sweeney Todd, And the Bands Played On, Denim and Leather, 747 (Strangers in the Night)

As the previous times I’ve seen them (which isn’t that many) Biff Byford, Paul Quinn and co put on a good show and with a little luck I’ll see them again in a field in Sweden in a couple of months.

Set list:-
Hammer of the Gods
Back in 79
Never Surrender
I've Got to Rock (To Stay Alive)
Call to Arms
Solid Ball of Rock
Demon Sweeney Todd
Hungry Years
Play It Loud
Broken Heroes
To Hell and Back Again
When Doomsday Comes
20,000 Feet
And the Bands Played On
Denim and Leather
Princess of the Night
747 (Strangers in the Night)
Strong Arm of the Law
Wheels of Steel
Motorcycle Man
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