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Paul Rodgers

Friday 22nd

I met up with 2 work colleagues to witness one of classic rocks legends, but first a cover band called Down 'n' Outz.
The band is the side project of Def Leppard’s vocalist Joe Elliott. It also features a whole load of the guys from The Quireboys. The perform songs of Mott The Hoople, especially the rare songs.

Joe doesn’t have the best of voices and started under par here but the whole vibe did get better as they went along. It’s a shame they didn’t do Shouting and pointing which one of my faves from their album but songs like Golden Opportunity, One of the Boys, England Rocks, and Good Times were all toe tapping good.

Set list
One More Chance to Run (British Lions cover)
Rock And Roll Queen (Mott the Hoople cover)
Golden Opportunity (Ian Hunter cover)
Whizz Kid
Storm (Mott cover)
Overnight Angels (Ian Hunter cover)
One of the Boys (Mott the Hoople cover)
England Rocks (Ian Hunter cover)
Good Times

It was a hot night at the concert hall so we all had an ice cream during the break before settling down for Paul Rodgers and his band which featured Jason Bonham on drums.
The band played brilliantly through a set list that covered 42 years of Paul’s songs with a good split of songs between Free and Bad Company plus one new song and a cover of Little Wing.

At one point my colleague asked me who was the best vocalist Paul Rodgers or David Coverdale. I said that Paul probably had a better general tone but has also stuck more to his blues roots where David (while said to be losing it a bit lately) has more of a rock voice (and band) that gets more of the youngsters in. But near the end of the set Paul did get all the old folk in the audience up on their feet.

A nice gig from a great voiced legend of classic rock.

Set list
Walk In My Shadow
Wishing Well
Mr. Big
Feel Like Makin' Love
Mr Midnight
Be My Friend
Fire and Water
Run With The Pack
Bad Company
My Brother Jake
Little Wing
Shooting Star
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Can't Get Enough
The Stealer
All Right Now
The Hunter
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