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Saturday 23rd

First up at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall was Gwyn Ashton - Two-Man Blues Army
I think his website says it best:-
An explosive mixture of alternative blues, turbo-charged 50s-70s garage rock, 60s psychedelia and swamp delta blues. The combo features award-winning Welsh born Austrialian raised UK relocated guitarist Gwyn Ashton and Fellow blues soldier Brit powerhouse drummer 'Killer' Kev Hickman. Hickman is a young impassioned, maniacal drummer who provides the perfect counterpoint to Ashton's guitar wizardry. Together they serve up a demonic brand of blues, riff-laden, edgy, high-octane songs

Great music from a due that’s enjoyable to watch, I especially liked watching the drummer.

We were down the front and stayed there for an excellent view of Magnum who are now 33 years into their musical career and showing no signs of slowing down.

In a testimony to the songs since their comeback in 2002 over half of the songs played came from the recent albums, one third coming from the latest album ‘The Visitation’ itself.

Songs from their classic 1985 album ‘On A Storyteller's Night’ also got a good showing and made it extra enjoyable for me.

Diminutive vocalist Bob Catley was in fine form as he sang the songs of guitarist Tony Clarkin. He’s now into his 60s and looking a little thinner than usual but still has great stage presence as he constantly waves his arms about and grins at the audience together with their young bassist. Both of those are in contrast to the immoveable Tony, but seeming as he writes all the songs and the others compensate that’s ok.

Yet again I as another great show from a great band, and at nearly 2 hours great value for money.

Set list:
82 Back to Earth
07 When We Were Younger
11 Wild Angels
04 Brand New Morning
11 Mother Nature's Final Dance
85 How Far Jerusalem
11 Spin Like a Wheel
09 The Moonking
11 Freedom Day
85 Les Morts Dansant
11 Black Skies
09 All My Bridges
85 All England's Eyes
86 Vigilante
78 Kingdom Of Madness
88 Wild Swan
11 Tonight's the Night
85 On A Storyteller's Night
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