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Mike & The Mechanics


1st up was Scarlet Fever (not her real name). Her and her band only played for just over 20 minutes but it was nice, not outstanding, but nice. In addition to her own tunes a cover of Analis Morristtte’s One Hand In My Pocket was also performed.

After a beer top up we took our seats again for Mike & The Mechanics.
It’s been years since the last album and since then Mike has of course done some gigs with Genesis and then due to the death of vocalist Paul Young and Paul Carrack busy with his own stuff set about getting in some new vocalists and creating an album called The Road.
Canadian Tim Howar is new to me but after seeing him I can see why he was picked. He has a good voice with a bit of a stage actor presence about it, but not as hammy. The other vocalist is Andrew Roachford who is known for his solo career and was allowed to sing 2 of his hits ‘Cuddly Toy’ and ‘Only To Be With You’ and was equally as good doing them when doing lead vocals on M&tM songs especially ‘The Living Years’.
Other highlights were the 2 Genesis tunes ‘Follow You Follow Me’ and ‘I Can't Dance’ and classic M&tM songs ‘A Beggar on a Beach of Gold’, ‘Over My Shoulder’, ‘All I Need Is a Miracle’ and ‘Word of Mouth’ which was a great way to end what was a great gig. Really nice at moments and toe-tapping head-nodding at others.
I hope they do another album soon

Set list:
The Road
A Beggar on a Beach of Gold
Get Up
Try to Save Me
Another Cup of Coffee
Nobody Knows
I Don't Do Love
If I Were You
Only to Be With You
Follow You Follow Me
I Can't Dance
The Living Years
Over My Shoulder
All I Need Is a Miracle
Cuddly Toy
Word of Mouth
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