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I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue


Back when Humphrey Lyttelton was the chair I saw a tour of ISIHAC at the theatre. Since his death a few other people stepped into his role to continue the Radio 4 show before it finally settled on Jack Dee.
Last night I got to be there at the Concert Hall for the recording of the first 2 episodes of the 55th series with resident panelists Graeme Garden, Tim Brook-Taylor and Barry Cryer joined by the much younger Marcus Brigstock.

The producer warmed us up with a few gags before the comedians were introduced and the recording began.
Each episode lasted over 50 minutes which someone will have the arduous task of reducing to under 30 for broadcasting in a month or 2. We also got to see the bits they have to rerecord due to speaking errors.

A lot of the usual daft things were done for us including ...
Cheddar Gorge
Pick-up Song
Mornington Crescent
Late Arrivals (at a society ball)
Uxbridge English Dictionary
Sound Charades
Just a Minim

There was even a guest appearance by everybody’s favourite glove puppet Sweep who squeaked his was into the show a few times.

£5 a ticket for 2+ hours of comedy, bargain!
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