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7 years ago I thought I would never get to see one of my favourite bands. Now I’ve had my 3rd one in XX years (which is quite good for them).

Before the band came on there was a video featuring a young Swiss (or German) looking version of the band called Rash. Instead of guitars they had an accordion and a tuba playing out what sounded much like The Spirit Of Radio.
They were in an American diner with Geddy dressed up as an Italian moustached man, Neil as a grumpy cop, and Alex as a huge fat man with a special machine that could make the band sound better. Cue a few different versions of that song before after spilling sauce from his hot dog onto the machine mixed with pressing the big red button changed it into a time machine. The band became young, old and finally themselves on the stage blasting into The Spirit of Radio.

They stuck in the 80s for the next few songs (including fave of Time Stand Still) before fast-forwarding to the 90s (Stick It Out) and recent times (Workin' Them Angels, Faithless) then back to the 80s starting with the excellent Freewill and ending the first half with Subdivisions.

With prior knowledge of the set list I had already been for my mid gig pee so supped on some diet coke while watching the loo conga.

There was another video before the second lump of Rush.
This time Geddy was a blonde video director, Neil a grumpy cameraman and Alex as a huge fat man with a special machine can control time and a bunch of Swiss/German lovelys who at one point walked across the shot with big jugs of beer to which the director told them to stop Moving Pitchers’ ;)
There was another incident involving hot dog sauce on the machine and the band became young, old, very old wizards and monkeys and finally themselves on the stage blasting into the entire 1981 Moving Pictures album all the way from Tom Sawyer, through YYZ, Limelight to Vital Signs.
There was a quick journey to the present for a track off their unreleased album and a drum solo from the greatness that is Peart.
Then back to the 70s for Closer To The Heart, 2112 Overture / The Temples of Syrinx, La Villa Strangiato and Working Man.

Another video ended their 2.5 hours of great music. This time the 2 guys from the film I Love You, Man were backstage eating the bands food and chatting about how cool Rush are. When the band entered they weren’t too pleased and chucked them out, but being nice Canadians they did sign the double bass belonging to one of them.

Once again the 3 guys created a great gig. A good selection of songs from talented musicians helped with a big video screen and nifty moving lighting rig. I’m not sure if they will be back with a tour of their new album but I hope they do. I just hope it’s not another 4 years.

Set list:
The Spirit of Radio
Time Stand Still
Stick It Out
Workin' Them Angels
Leave That Thing Alone
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt
Vital Signs
Love 4 Sale (Drum solo)
Closer To The Heart
2112 Overture / The Temples of Syrinx
Far Cry
La Villa Strangiato
Working Man (with reggae intro and (AFTK) Cygnus X-1: Book I outro)
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