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Styx / Foreigner / Journey

I’ve been back from my holiday (of sorts) for nearly a week now.

It started out on Saturday 4th with a night in Staffordshire staying at K’s sister’s fiancées parents house. Nice BBQ (gas) grub and humorous chatter.

On the Sunday we went to stay at the Birmingham Hilton. It was just a 10 minute walk from the NEC LG Arena where we got to see a trio of classic 80s bands.
I never used to like the NEC Arena. It was grotty and didn’t have enough toilets or decent food. But now I love it. They’ve put a lot of money into creating a new entrance and food hall which leads to new nice toilets, chill out zone and more. Just a pity that they can’t really do anything about the slow exit car park. If I do another gig there on a Friday or Saturday I would consider trying to book a room though again to save me the hassle.

Styx were first up with a 50 minute set featuring their classic tracks. As always the guys were on superb form.
Foreigner were next and also focused ion the classic tracks, although I think their new stuff with their new vocalist would have gone down well..
The headline act were Journey. They featured a few songs from their new album, the second with diminutive Filipino born Arnel Pineda fronting them. He has a great voice to rival Steve Perry and his energy is infectious.
£40 for almost 3.5 hours of music was very good value for 3 bands riding high on their comebacks & perfect fit new vocalists.

10 minutes after the gig we were back in the comfort of the hotel where I had a £4 pint of cider nightcap before drifting off to sleep (in my bed, not the bar).

We didn’t need to checkout until midday so took advantage of the small pool and Jacuzzi & the buffet breakfast where we ate our body weight and borrowed some food for later in the day before driving on to Londonish.
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