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SRF Wednesday

Monday afternoon, evening and night were spent in and around the RAS Radison Hoteljust a few minutes walk from Standsted airport, which was handy seeming as we checked out about 5 in the morning.
I find it funny that the American spelling Airplane is mostly used now but people (English at least) still say Aeroplane).

Tuesday – The now usual plane to Copenhagen then 2 hours on the train across The Öresund Bridge onto Karlshamn, Sweden. Then a casual evening at the hotel in preparation for 3.5 days of rock.

Wednesday 8th
A 15:30 start with a band called SEVENTRIBE which actually had about 10 members all dressed in pink who perform slightly aggressive 3 vocal rock while a fella with a horses head for a head interacts with the band and also does some ironing.

RHINO BUCKET were an American 4-peice with a touch of AC/DC about them. Enjoyable.

MASON RUFFNER was a old bluesy rock dude.

CRASHDIET – A young band of rockin’ punks.

BOB LOG III – A one man band wearing a jump suit & fighter pilot helmet while playing slide guitar in a bluegrass style, cracking one liners and bouncing a couple of local girls on his knee

BLACK VEIL BRIDES – Youthy gothy modern metal (ie dressed in black with funny haircuts).

FIVE HORSE JOHNSON – Classic southern influenced American rock.

We could have stayed for hardcore Superstar but we would of had to sit through an hour of death metal first so we got the bus back.

Band of the day - Rhino Bucket, just in front of Bob Log III
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