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SRF Thursday

Thursday 9th
An earlier start so we could check out OZ who were Finnish not Australian and were ok.

DUFF MCKAGEN’S LOADED christened the Rock Stage with some slightly punky rock and a couple of songs from Duff’s old band Dust & Bones & It’s So Easy.

BUCKCHERRY played in a similar vein on the main stage. But I only caught a bit of them as I had a calling elsewhere for the

DAN REED BAND - In the 80s/90s he was quite electric and bouncy, but he has now mellowed and when one of the old songs is performed they are slower but nicely done. K wasn’t too into the remodelling but I thought it was very pleasant.

JOAN JETT is now into her 50s & still has her looks and rock n roll voice as she went through her classics with her band. Nice to hear I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll played by the lady who popularised it. Good to hear a Gary Glitter tune too as you don’t get many of those these days.

The band of the day were the UKs very own FM who did an hour of fine British AOR.

QUEENSYCHE are known to be a bit hit and miss live. This was somewhere between the 2 as the set list had a good mix but sound wasn’t as good as it could have been. The wind didn’t help either.

SPITCHIC were on the new band stage. 4 young ladies + 1 fella on backing vocals. They weren’t always perfect but did a good job. Their cover of Steel Panther’s (my cock is) Community Property with the guitarist wearing a big cock went down well (oo-err!).

It was a bit cold and breezy so we retreated to the beer tent to check out German band ACCEPT with their new American vocalist. Good classic 80s metal.

Seeing THE CULT in Sweden saved me £26 seeing them back home. Some say they can be a little cold but I thought they were good.

But I needed a break at some point so I could see what the daft monster band GWAR were up to. The front of the stage was waterproofed as they squirted blood and gunk into the crowd including putrid green milk from the many tits of special guest Lady Ga Ga (not the real one) who was dressed as a toilet. Very amusing.

SAXON did the same set list as I had recently witnessed. So we saw them from afar admiring their classic british metal. Nice to see the big metal eagle above the stage.

JUDAS PREIST are doing their Epitaph Tour. Originally said to be their retirement but now rumoured to maybe not be so. Something in the band dynamics changed before the tour so guitarist KK Dowling has been replaced with a younger guy but that didn’t alter the music. It was a better show than their last concept album one. Full of the classics. I stayed for about 50 minutes before heading off to fight to get on a bus back to the hotel.
Rapid Fire
Metal Gods
Heading Out to the Highway
Judas Rising
Victim of Changes
Never Satisfied
Diamonds & Rust
Dawn of Creation
Night Crawler
Turbo Lover
Beyond the Realms of Death
The Sentinel

Then I had to go so while I waited an hour then had a game of shoveity-shove-shove to get on the bus back to the hotel I missed:-

Blood Red Skies
The Green Manalishi
Breaking the Law
The Hellion
Electric Eye
Hell Bent for Leather
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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