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SRF Saturday

We got the early bus so I could firstly check out Rammstein-like band Raubiter who weren’t as good as their influence so we went to get ready for

LEE AARON – Once the Canadian Queen of Metal (80s soft metal that is). She’s now out of rock retirement and back doing some of her old tunes in less leathery outfits (stripped top and cut off jeans over leggings). She was good though, even if she did go a bit jazzy towards the end.

HOOTERS – Best known for their song Satalite. A good live band.

FLÄSKET BRINNER (or in English ‘The Pork is Burning’) - Old Swedish prog. Long jazzy proggy rock with a bit of toot-toot

SPOCK’S BEARD - One of my fave prog bands. Now in their 16th year. I was a little confused when the once drummer now lead vocalist (+ other instruments) seemed to have changed completely. It turns out that Nick D'Virgilio had other commitments with his Circus De Soleil drumming job.
It was a bit of the way into their 75 minutes when I found out it was Ted Leonard who from another band I like called Enchant. He fitted in with the band very well & I’m impressed how he leaned all the words and also the music to fit into this talented band.
Edge of the In-Between
On a Perfect Day
The Emperor's Clothes
The Doorway
She Is Everything
The Light

STYX – Just as good as when I saw them the weekend before, but better as we got an extra 30 mins.
The Grand Illusion
Too Much Time On My Hands
I Am the Walrus (The Beatles cover)
Suite Madame Blue
I'm OK
Queen of Spades
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (With Chuck Panozzo)
Drum Solo
Miss America
Come Sail Away (With Chuck Panozzo)
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
Renegade (With Chuck Panozzo)

I caught the first 10 minutes of Kansas before heading round to the Sweden Stage for Italian symphonic power metal band RHAPSODY OF FIRE – I wished they had done more than 1 hour as I thought they were very good. Fabio Lione has a great operatic rock voice. Very good
Triumph or Agony
Holy Thunderforce
The Village of Dwarves
On The Way To Ainor
Dawn of Victory
Lamento Eroico
Unholy Warcry
The March of the Swordmaster
Reign of Terror
Emerald Sword

When I returned to Kansas I was just in time for Carry on My Waywood Son.
I caught some of Black Label Society before having a lazy time on the grass for the blues of WALTER TROUT

Guitarist Scott Gorhan is the one that seems to be currently in charge of THIN LIZZY. With him is classic line up drummer Brian Downey and keyboardist Darren Wharton who was there during the last years of Lynott. Bassist Marco Mendoza has been with the band on and off but Ricky Warwick (most famous for his band The Almighty) is new and handles the lead vocal very well. I wasn’t sure what it sould be like without John Sykes but I like it.
Are You Ready
Waiting For An Alibi
Don't Believe A Word
Whiskey in the Jar
Cowboy Song
The Boys Are Back In Town
Killer On The Loose
Black Rose
Still In Love With You
Dancing in the Moonlight
Ready to rock

I stayed for OZZY. I had to. I hadn’t seen him in a while and it might be my last chance.
I bought my only 500ml bottle of cider of the festival for about £4 and waited for the madman to be on stage before taking a swig. After the first song he got his big water cannon out and began to squirt foam on the audience, the camera men, the photo pit and himself. He just grinned, headbanged, shuffled around the stage and continued with a set that was pleasantly full of classics. Sure he might not have been in tune all the time but it was so very Ozzy and a great end to another great festival.
I Don't Know
Suicide Solution
Mr. Crowley
Goodbye to Romance
Bark at the Moon
Road to Nowhere
Shot in the Dark
Rat Salad (Black Sabbath song) (with Guitar and Drum solos)
Iron Man (Black Sabbath song)
Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath song)
I Don't Want to Change the World
Crazy Train
Mama, I'm Coming Home

Best of the day - Lee Arron – Hooters - Ozzy –– Rhapsody – Spock’s Beard - Styx
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