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The usual month of going to Swden and recovering from Sweden :)

Best CD of recent times / ages past/ best best of purchased
Once again no CDs bought.. well I’ve bought some but not listened to them yet.
Edit - Actually I listen to Journey – Eclipse. Great 2nd album to feature their new vocalist.

Best MP3 Album added
The Union – The Union
Jason & the Scorchers - The EMI Years
Mustach – Latest Version / Parasite
Winterville - Everything In Moderation

Thunder meets Chris Cornell rock n rock with The Union – The Union. Nice!

Gig of the Month
Styx – Foreigner – Journey
SRF (BobLogIII/Joan Jett/FM/Saxon/Judas Priest/Houston/Steelhart/MrBig/Evergrey/Rob Zombie/Hellow/Whitesnake/Lee Aaron/Hooters/Spock’s Beard/Styx/Rhapsody/ThinLizzy/Ozzy)
The Union - Whitesnake
Paul Simon

All really good again, but due to the collective brilliantness of all bands it was Styx – Foreigner – Journey

Cinema film of the Month
I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men: First Class. I would never have thought Kevin Bacon could be in a film like this.

Film on TV
Bride Wars was ok
The Gift was an ok tech sci-fi
Death At A Funeral was an interesting remake of the very English original but with Chris Rock & Martin Lawence
Rec 2 was a bit too blurry in its going ons to start with but I loved the ending.

Book read
ok last chance. I won’t put anything next month if I don’t get through it in time.

Top purchase
Combo lock (I could have 666 if I wanted)
JD Hip flask (which is nice but it helped make me puke a few weeks back when filled with JD)
Sweden Rock Festival blanket - Not yet used but I can see it looking quite good on picnics (if we have the time and the weather).
Doctor Who Electronic Flight Control T.A.R.D.I.S. – 9 inches of enjoyable blue plastic with a few sound effects.

July has 0 days off work, 4 gigs and maybe another interesting change :o.
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