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A Foreigner’s Journey

Saturday 2nd

It cost £10 to get into the Rock City Basement room at 8pm for some top tunes from Britain's top Foreigner AND Journey cover band A Foreigner’s Journey.
As with a lot of these bands the members weren’t exactly sprightly young fellas, but they knew how to play just right. The vocalist was the most rock and roll out of all of them and actually had a bit of a look of the original and new Foreigner vocalist about him.

There was only about 100 people there so there was plenty of space for everyone, although there was a 5 foot gap between band and crowd that no one dared enter. But halfway through the set when the ladies had lubricated their brains it got filled and I slowly retreated backwards for fear of being dragged into the pit of dancing females (which sounds like it should be a good thing but isn’t).

Over 2 hours the band played all the best tunes you would expect including:
Head Games
Waiting For A Girl Like
Double Vision
Feels Like The First Time
Juke Box Hero
I Want To Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded
Cold As Ice

Be Good To Yourself
Any Way You Want It
Stone In Love
Wheel In The Sky
Open Arms
Separate Ways
Don't Stop Believin'

It was well worth the money, especially as we got entry into Rock City with the ticket. Although in The Rig where the classics are usually played there were still some Munster Tim Burton cast kids hanging around from the gothy type band that had played upstairs, so we didn’t get much good stuff and left after an hour or so.

As for the band I’m sure we’ll be seeing them again some place.
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