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I’m still buying some CDs. Still need to think about storage for some of them too, or find a way to trust mp3s :o

Soul SirkUS – World Play – a band that featuring singer Jeff Scott Soto, guitarist Neal Schon, bassist Marco Mendoza, and drummer Deen Castronovo. 2005?
Shadowman - Watching Over You - Steve Overland (FM) – Lead Vocals, Steve Morris (Heartland) – Guitars & Keyboards, Chris Childs (Thunder) – Bass, Harry James (Thunder) – Drums. Gonna be brill of course :)
The Storys – Luck -3rd an final album from the Welsh Eagles influenced band
Symphony X – Iconoclast - 8th from the progressive metal band

Royal Hunt – X 2010

Eyes Of Eden – Faith - German symphonic metal band, with a laady 2007

+ for gigs
Journey – Eclipse
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