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Thunder / Skin

I was most likely going to see Skin anyway and knew I would have a good time, but that was doubled when it was announced that Thunder would be supporting. Thunder are more popular than Skin but stopped being a proper working band 2 years ago. But sometimes the call of the stage is too loud to ignore, so on Saturday they will be playing at the High Voltage festival in London. But before that they needed somewhere to do a warm up and Skin kindly offered their support slot at Rock City which over the years became somewhere that Thunder would visit frequently.

They will only have 50 minutes on Saturday and had the same last night so had to pick tunes that would appeal to the masses. They went with a good mix of a couple of recent singles plus a bunch of classics from their first album that have remained favourites.

In true Danny style he got the crowd jumping around, clapping their hands. Near the end he also got the girls then boys to cheer, then the boys to wave their arms while the girls wiggled their fingers and jiggled their jiggly bits ;)
All great fun. Let’s see how long they can go before they return again.
Backstreet Symphony
River Of Pain
Until My Dying Day
Gimme Some Lovin’
The Devil Made Me Do It
Love Walked In
I Love You More Then Rock And Roll
Dirty Love

Skin also quit being a band years ago and came back 2 years ago for a one off that has carried on. 7 months after the last gig they returned to rock city for more good honest rock and roll. Mike is a great guitarist but it's singer Nev who really makes the band. He has one hell of a good voice similar to that of Sammy Hagar.
They are another band who always deliver and last night was no exception. The faves for me were the ones I knew a little bit more than the others including House Of Love, Money, Look But Don't Touch and the 2 nice songs Wings Of An Angel & Tower Of Strength which had the crowd singing louder than Nev himself.
A really nice double gig that made me go and get chicken meat and chips on the way home :o

I Was Born To Rock And Roll
Can You Feel It
Spit On You
Gotta Get On
Trigger Inside
House Of Love
Take Me Down The River
Look But Don't Touch
Tower Of Strength
Wings Of An Angel
Perfect Day
Shine Your Light
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