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Dream Theater

K dropped me off at Wolverhampton Civic so she could then visit her friend while I settled in with a half pint of cider to watch a couple of bands that happened to be passing by.
I’ve seen Eden’s Curse before an vocalist Michael Eden and his band are very capable of putting out a good melodic hard rock tune with some good widdles from the guitarist thrown in.
An nice way to start the gig off.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen DT and that was at a festival. It’s been even longer since a headlining gig so I was really looking forward to seeing them.

The venue was packed but I had a good view from a seat on the balcony close to the exit, loo and bar (so I had to get a pint of beer of course).
The band started with Under a Glass Moon from 1992 which was a great start to a 2-hour show that never had a low point. The songs were a very good mix from nearly all their albums over the last 22 years including one from their as yet unreleased one.
The 4 long term members performed very well but most eyes and ears were probably on new drummer Mike Mangini. Mike Portnoy is a tough man to replace but for me Mike M did a great job. There were perhaps a few missing paradiddles that Mike P used to add but the basics and more were there, and for a progressive rock band like DT that’s got to be an achievement. A very nice moment was when after his drum solo a lot of the upstairs audience gave him a standing ovation as an acceptation to him being in the band.
All the tunes they selected to play were good for me but I especially liked Endless Sacrifice, Peruvian Skies, Caught In A Web and Fatal Tragedy. For a venue the size of the civic it was also good that they could get a screen at the back on which to show the footage from the cameras placed on the keyboard, drums and in front of the 2 Johns which would also capture vocalist James if he was in shot.

A brilliant enjoyable gig.

Under a Glass Moon
These Walls
Endless Sacrifice
Drum Solo
The Ytse Jam
Peruvian Skies
The Great Debate
On the Backs of Angels
Caught In A Web
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
The Count of Tuscany
Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
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