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Best CD of recent times purchased
Shadowman - Watching Over You
The Storys – Luck
Symphony X – Iconoclast - Great progressive metal.

Best MP3 album added
Tommy Shaw - The Great Divide
Doc Holliday – Doc Holliday – Great 80s southern rock

Gig of the Month
A Foreigners Journey
Roger Daltry
Skin / Thunder
Dream Theater
Iron Maiden

All very great but I think I was most impressed by Dream Theater.

Cinema film of the Month
Bridesmaids – Amusing stuff from the Judd Apatow camp.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 – A good end to an entertaining sries.
Transformers: Dark of The Moon - A decent amount of robot action meant a good 3-D experience in this nicely made film. Sure there are some flights of fancy (giant transforming robots aside) including Sam getting another hot girlfriend.

Film on TV
Gone Baby Gone
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Fantastic Mr Fox
How To Train Your Dragon
Tooth Fairy
Night & Day
The Last Airbender

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was good but a bit to geeky in places.
Fantastic Mr Fox was amusing in places and taught me my new cuss word.
How To Train Your Dragon was entertaining Dreamworks animation.
Gone Baby Gone - What starts as a missing child case turns into something far more complex. A great story from the guy who wrote Mytic River and directed by Ben Affleck and good performances from Caey Affleck and Ed Harris.

Rewatched Film on TV
The Decent Part 2

Book read

Top purchase
My new chairs are ok but my new eyes are better :)

August has 4 days off work, 0 gigs and a dirty weekend in York.
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