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Thursday and Friday were booked as holiday off work so K and I could have a nice long weekend away.

11-Aug THU
I drove 120 miles to the New Inn, Clapham, Lancaster, North Yorkshire. Once we arrived we settled in, had our packed lunch, then began our quest. We started off walking around the village then a couple of miles along a nature trail to Ingleborough Cave where we walked in the path of 170 years of visitors and went on a tour inside to look at stalagmites, stalactites, mushrooms rocks and goblins. At some points we had to wade through flowing water and other times crouch down along 5 foot high passages. Like most cave experiences it was interesting and fun.

After leaving the cave we could have gone on further but the skies were getting misty and water was flowing down the path towards us, so we went back to the Inn via a pub where I beat K at connect 4. Once back in the room we had a nap then Chicken pie, apple crumble and a beer before a game of pool and some rest before bed. K read her book and I continued with Professor Layton on my DS.

12-Aug FRI
We checked out at 10am and headed onto our next place where we would be staying for 2 nights.
It was a family run accommodation in York called Bronte Guest House. I had booked the room which they called a Romantic double, probably because it had a frilly red canopy and shaped wooden headboard. We’re not used to a normal sized double bed but I thought it was nice and comfy.

I had pre booked some activities so once we were ready we went out and walked past York minster to Barley Hall which was a house that had been restored to look a little like what it might have looked like in the 15th century.

Then it was on to the Jorvik Viking Centre. This had artefacts and information on the history of the settlements a thousand years ago. It also included a ride on a suspended carriage that would weave its way through a smellavision wax works of Viking life with commentary from a voice behind you.
After getting off the ride I joined a small crowd of kids to listen to an American expert who would answer any questions. I learnt why most Vikings might have had blonde hair, apparently they used horse urine to wash and kill any lice, but the ammonia in it also dyed their hair. . . and made them stink of piss.
We continued the sightseeing by foot and by bus (which included waving at a couple of drunks drinking on the grave of Dick Turpin).

In the evening we found ourselves sitting outside The Lowther by the River Ouse eating pub grub and a little drinkie while waiting for 7pm and the arrival of the boat tour. At 5 past 7 we noticed the small sign on the docking area that said that due to high water levels it had been cancelled. I thought it was now too late to catch the ghost walk. It turned out it wasn’t, but all things fell into their rightful place anyway.
The weather had turned a little by then so we headed to the local small cinema to see if there was anything on. Super 8 was starting in over an hour, but I got my phone and started searching for other cinemas nearby. It took 10 minutes to walk to the car and another 10 to the cinema where just 10 minutes after that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was watched and enjoyed.

A lovely fried breakfast set us up for a few hours of activities including a boat tour along the Ouse (we were able to use our pre payment for a 1 hour day cruise instead,) a walk along the medieval castle walls, a history lesson in Micklegate Bar, a pee in a pub, chippies and an ice cream from Thorntons :)~
The Bar was not a pub but a gatehouse (bar means gate in Norweigan) that has had many uses over 100s of years including accommodation, prison, decapitated head storage and now a mini museum to past fashions and the Battle Of Towton in which tens of thousands died most violently.

We then had a rest from the past with some shopping during which I got some good hiking trainers for a 3rd of the price they should be.

We took our haul back to the guest house, had a little rest then out again for the Ghost Hunt. We were met in the mediaeval street of The Shambles by a gentleman wearing black rider’s outfit carrying a stepladder. For an hour at various parts in a small section of the city he would stand on this and recite tales of spooky goings on connected with the location. To add to the fun he would do silly things like throwing water at the crowd, stare at people who weren’t standing where they were supposed to be, attempt to cut his arm off and at one point for no apparent reason but fun get the whole gang to wave at people in a restaurant and then get close to the window and pull faces at them. Very amusing and at an average cost of £4 per person he did very well that night from the 50 or more crowd.

The evening was finished off with a free meal at Pizza Express courtesy of our Tesco vouchers.

Another fried breakfast.
A 2 hour visit to Ks friend and their 3 week old daughter.
Cheap dinner at a pub.
A 1 hour visit to Ks friend and her 2 year old daughter.
The final drive home.

We might have spent more than originally planned but it was a really nice weekend away that we hope to repeat in another part of the country some time.
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