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Wedding, wedding, birthday, Iceland, Stag (which is why I’m a bit late with it)

Best CD of recent times purchased
Feeling, The - Together We Were Made
Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer & Anvil

Surprisingly I really like the new one fromYes – Fly From Here. The reason I thought I wouldn’t is it is their first in 10 years and the 2nd in their history not to have Jon Anderson on vocals. Because of this there’s a bit less Yesness in it but back in 1981 they got Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn in from the band Buggles and made a great but little different Yes album called Drama. Geoff is now back on keyboards and Trevor producing (he also produced their 1983 album 90125) and some of the songs even date back to the Drama sessions.
It’s a bit Yes, a bit Asia, a dash of Buggles and actually quite melodically memorable but still retaining some prog elements. I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing them now.

Best best of CD purchased
Little River Band – Greatest Hits - Nice tunes from 1975-’81 from the popular Australian band.

Gig of the Month
:( - but just you wait till next month :)

Cinema film of the Month
Final Destination 5 started off promising, went a little down in the middle but ended up not too bad entertainment.
A Lonely Place To Die had Melissa George and others on the run from murderous kidnappers in the Scottish Highlands. A good British thriller.

Film on TV
Cats & Dogs 2
Tron: Legacy
The Adjustment Bureau
Beth Cooper, I Love You

I saw The Adjustment Bureau on the plane to Iceland (so it’s classed as being on TV). Matt Damon in a good romantic sci-fi about fate and those responsible for creating what we think are random events.

Book read
I actually started another one while away, so now I’ve 2 on the go :o

Top purchase
Aluminium Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card Case
Icelandic rune necklace thing (with the rune for Victory)
3 cool youthful rock shirts that actually just about fit me :o

October has 2 days off work, 5 gigs (including a weekender fest), a stag weekend (already done), and a beer fest day
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